How to search

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Here’s some tips for a more efficient search:

You can search by author name:

It is sufficient to write in the search bar even a small part of either the first or last name.

For example, if you type the word “Frie” in the search bar, the results will be comprehensive of all the musical pieces by Fasch Johann Friedrich, Friedrich II von Preussen, Kleinknecht Jacob Friedrich, Graf Friederich Hartmann and Baptiste Ludwig Albert Friederich.

You can search by genre (Sonata, Suite, Aria, etc):

Be careful: to find a Sonata a 3, you need to type “Sonata a 3”.

You can search by tonality:

For example type in the note Fa. The result will be all the pieces in F major or minor.

Type in Mib and you will get all the pieces in E flat major or minor.

To get only scores in a major tonality you need to type in: Mag

You can also combine keywords:

For example, if you want to find scores for flute AND oboe, you can type in: Fl Ob.

If you want scores in G minor, you can type in: Sol min.

All search results are ordered by decreasing relevance.