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Armonia Antiqua Baroque Collection is a digital set of modern editions.

It contains mainly instrumental music from the 17th and 18th century, transcribed by Guido Ivessich from original manuscripts or printed sources taken from the most important libraries of the world.

The original sources are often very hard to read and interpret. Some of them contain evident errors due either to the transcriber, or to an overall bad quality of the manuscript or of the printed edition we managed to acquire.

Armonia Antiqua has tried to make available to the general public full scores and parts in an easy-to-read modern notation, aiming to divulge the knowledge of musical pieces that have rarely been performed, with an eye to the musical practice of both soloists and ensembles, professionals and amateurs. We have put great attention to the pieces’ layout, without neglecting the intent to offer philologically accurate editions.

The collection contains actually more than 3,350 pieces for more than 86,000 pages of full score and parts.

piccolo_Cittadini Pier Francesco-Natura morta con strumentiMost of the scores presented in this collection have been executed privately or in public by the editor, thus allowing for their high quality. Nonetheless, some errors may have occurred in the process of editing. The editor will be grateful to anyone who will notify them and will grant to all users a revised copy at no additional cost.

You can download the entire catalog in PDF format by clicking here:

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