Quantz Concertos

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St. Petersburg = Was considered lost (Augsbach), but is in Russia National Library in St Petersburg from the end of World War II

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QV 5:1181e minor quantz-3029 
QV 6:64G major quantz-1845 
QV 5:2635b minor quantz-3149 
QV 5:1386F major quantz-3158 
QV 5:367c minor quantz-3156 
QV 5:1018E flat major quantz-3142 
QV 5:2439B flat major quantz-3150 
QV 5:12810e minor quantz-3159 
QV 4:411G major quantz-3010 
QV 4:612A major quantz-3034 
QV 4:313e minor quantz-3009 
QV 4:114D major quantz-1837 
QV 5:7315D major quantz-3143 
QV 5:24216a minor quantz-3148 
QV 5:5417D major quantz-3160 
QV 5:27818b minor quantz-3157 
QV 5:20519g minor quantz-3141 
QV 5:17920G major quantz-3161 
QV 5:11321e minor quantz-3164 
QV 5:6922D major quantz-3163 
QV 5:1323C major quantz-3084 
QV 5:824C major quantz-3082 
QV 4:225E flat major quantz-3011 
QV 5:4026D major quantz-3165 
QV 5:16827G major quantz-3167 
QV 5:5328D major quantz-3168 
QV 5:7529D major quantz-3169 
QV 5:8030d minor quantz-3138 
QV 5:208bis31g minor quantz-3154Missing in Augsbach Catalogue
QV 5:12732e minor quantz-3170 
QV 5:13533e minor quantz-3171 
QV 5:23934a minor quantz-3151 
QV 5:18335G major quantz-3173 
QV 5:1936C major quantz-3118 
QV 5:8337d minor quantz-3174 
QV 5:8638d minor quantz-3175 
QV 5:13239e minor quantz-3176 
QV 5:4340D major quantz-3177 
QV 5:6241D major quantz-3178 
QV 5:5742D major quantz-3179 
QV 5:20243g minor quantz-3155 
QV 5:14844F major quantz-3180 
QV 5:4945D major quantz-3181 
QV 5:27946b minor quantz-3182 
QV 5:26747b minor quantz-3183 
QV 5:13448e minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:24149a minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:16450G major  St Petersburg
QV 5:25051B flat major  St Petersburg
QV 5:19952g minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:2753c minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:3154c minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:9255E flat major  St Petersburg
QV 5:27356b minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:12057e minor quantz-748-3Published in Paris (after 1733)
QV 5:18458G major quantz-751-3 
QV 6:359e minor   
QV 6:160D major quantz-753-3Oboes and bassoon added by Pisendel
QV 5:26561b minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:11962e minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:963C major  St Petersburg
QV 5:21964A major  St Petersburg
QV 5:26165b minor quantz-3184 
QV 5:18866G major quantz-3185 
QV 5:20967A major quantz-3147 
QV 5:18568G major quantz-3187 
QV 4:569G major quantz-3033 
QV 5:7470D major quantz-3188 
QV 5:271C major quantz-3050 
QV 5:172C major quantz-3049 
QV 5:8773E flat major quantz-3211 
QV 5:27674b minor quantz-3212 
QV 5:5875D major quantz-3214 
QV 5:21076A major quantz-3215 
QV 5:26277b minor quantz-3216 
QV 5:4878D major quantz-3217 
QV 5:13180e minor quantz-3218 
QV 5:16781G major quantz-3219 
QV 5:5182D major quantz-746-31st version, Dresden
QV 5:5282D major quantz-32202nd version, after 1763
QV 5:12183e minor  incomplete in Stockholm
QV 5:17384G major quantz-1858 
QV 5:21885A major quantz-1838 
QV 6:589G major   
QV 5:4792D major   
QV 5:13693e minor   
QV 5:594C major quantz-3068 
QV 5:12495e minor quantz-749-3 
QV 5:17096G major   
QV 5:20697g minor   
QV 5:17298G major   
QV 5:27099b minor   
QV 5:3100C major  St Petersburg
QV 5:42101D major  St Petersburg
QV 4:7102b minor quantz-3035 
QV 5:139103F major   
QV 5:178104G major   
QV 5:235105a minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:248106B flat major   
QV 5:171107G major  St Petersburg
QV 5:32108c minor  Regensburg
QV 5:89109E flat major   
QV 5:56110D major  St Petersburg
QV 5:225111A major  St Petersburg
QV 5:81113d minor   
QV 5:116114e minor   
QV 5:197115g minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:46116D major   
QV 5:166117G major  St Petersburg
QV 5:10118C major  Regensburg
QV 5:30119c minor quantz-3130Sing Akademie
QV 5:266120b minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:79121d minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:96122E flat major  St Petersburg
QV 5:109122e minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:238123a minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:249124B flat major  St Petersburg
QV 5:213125A major   
QV 5:143126F major   
QV 5:55127D major   
QV 5:169128G major  incomplete in Dresden
QV 5:117129e minor quantz-3013 
QV 5:214130A major   
QV 5:129131e minor   
QV 5:193132g minor   
QV 5:246133B flat major   
QV 5:11134C major quantz-3083 
QV 5:144135F major   
QV 5:176136G major   
QV 5:14137C major quantz-2132 
QV 5:146138F major   
QV 5:88139E flat major   
QV 5:85140d minor   
QV 5:268141b minor   
QV 5:123142e minor   
QV 5:93143E flat major   
QV 5:45144D major quantz-747-3 
QV 5:269145b minor   
QV 5:108146E major quantz-3139 
QV 5:35147c minor   
QV 5:181148G major   
QV 5:233149a minor   
QV 5:204150g minor   
QV 5:165151G major   
QV 5:222152A major   
QV 5:26153c minor quantz-3126 
QV 5:160154F major   
QV 5:253155B flat major   
QV 5:6156C major quantz-3069 
QV 5:66157D major   
QV 5:111158e minor   
QV 5:95159E flat major   
QV 5:115160e minor   
QV 5:174161G major quantz-750-3 
QV 5:234162a minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:247163B flat major  St Petersburg
QV 5:29164c minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:84165d minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:105166E flat major  St Petersburg
QV 5:114167e minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:142168F major  St Petersburg
QV 5:198169g minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:229170A major  St Petersburg
QV 5:277171b minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:18172C major  St Petersburg
QV 5:70173D major  St Petersburg
QV 5:125174e minor  St Petersburg
QV 5:91175E flat major  St Petersburg
QV 5:140176F major  St Petersburg
QV 5:186177G major   
QV 5:107178E major quantz-28846 
QV 5:240179a minor   
QV 5:245180B flat major   
QV 5:28181c minor quantz-3111 
QV 5:41182D major   
QV 5:130183e minor   
QV 5:162184F major   
QV 5:201185g minor   
QV 5:217186A major   
QV 5:272187b minor   
QV 5:15188C major quantz-3085 
QV 5:82189d minor   
QV 5:102190E flat major   
QV 5:149191F major   
QV 5:180192G major   
QV 5:236193a minor quantz-752-3 
QV 5:259194B flat major   
QV 5:39195c minor   
QV 5:71196D major   
QV 5:112197e minor   
QV 5:161198F major quantz-3031 
QV 5:207199g minor   
QV 5:223200A major   
QV 5:271201b minor   
QV 5:4202C major quantz-3051 
QV 5:60203D major   
QV 5:103204E flat major   
QV 5:155205F major   
QV 5:190206G major   
QV 5:230207A major   
QV 5:255208B flat major   
QV 5:22209C major quantz-3110 
QV 5:76210D major   
QV 5:94211E flat major   
QV 5:151212F major   
QV 5:177213G major   
QV 5:215214A major   
QV 5:254215B flat major   
QV 5:25216c minor quantz-3120 
QV 5:59217D major   
QV 5:100218E flat major   
QV 5:152219F major quantz-3030 
QV 5:203220g minor   
QV 5:212221A major   
QV 5:280222b minor   
QV 5:12223C major quantz-3116 
QV 5:63224D major   
QV 5:122225e minor   
QV 5:159226F major   
QV 5:189227G major   
QV 5:237228a minor   
QV 5:257229B flat major   
QV 5:33230c minor quantz-3134 
QV 5:44231D major   
QV 5:104232E flat major   
QV 5:150233F major   
QV 5:194234g minor   
QV 5:231235A major   
QV 5:281236b minor   
QV 5:7237C major quantz-3070 
QV 5:65238D major   
QV 5:133239e minor   
QV 5:147240F major   
QV 5:175241G major   
QV 5:211242A major   
QV 5:244243B flat major   
QV 5:24244c minor   
QV 5:68245D major   
QV 5:97246E flat major   
QV 5:145247F major   
QV 5:195248g minor   
QV 5:216249A major   
QV 5:264250b minor   
QV 5:21251C major quantz-3109 
QV 5:64252D major   
QV 5:126253e minor   
QV 5:141254F major   
QV 5:191255G major   
QV 5:224256A major   
QV 5:252257B flat major   
QV 5:34258c minor   
QV 5:50259D major quantz-3137 
QV 5:90260E flat major   
QV 5:156261F major   
QV 5:196262g minor   
QV 5:227263A major   
QV 5:274264b minor   
QV 5:17265C major quantz-3087 
QV 5:67266D major   
QV 5:98267E flat major   
QV 5:158268F major   
QV 5:208269g minor   
QV 5:221270A major   
QV 5:256271B flat major   
QV 5:23272c minor quantz-3119 
QV 5:78273D major   
QV 5:110274e minor   
QV 5:157275F major   
QV 5:187276G major   
QV 5:228277A major   
QV 5:251278B flat major   
QV 5:20279C major quantz-3100 
QV 5:72280D major   
QV 5:99281E flat major   
QV 5:153282F major   
QV 5:182283G major   
QV 5:232284A major   
QV 5:275285b minor   
QV 5:37286c minor   
QV 5:77287D major   
QV 5:106288E flat major   
QV 5:163289F major   
QV 5:200290g minor   
QV 5:226291A major   
QV 5:258292B flat major   
QV 5:16293C major quantz-3086 
QV 5:61294D major   
QV 5:137295e minor   
QV 5:154296F major   
QV 5:192297G major   
QV 5:220298A major   
QV 5:260299B flat major   
QV 5:38300c minor quantz-3112Final allegro composed by Frederick the Great.
QV 4:Anh. 1 D major  Score could not be detected
QV 4:Anh. 2 C Major, D major, G major  Scores could not be detected
QV 6:2 D major  Related with QV 5: 73.
QV 6:4 G major quantz-29091Die Hirten bei der Krippe in Bethlehem
QV 6:7 G major   
QV 6:8a g minor   
QV 6:8b g minor  Oboes and bassoon added by Pisendel
QV 6:Anh. 1 D major   
QV 6:Anh. 2 G major quantz-754-3